Sunday 6 January 2013

Classy Quotes Eleven

A few years ago I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t interested in going to look at ruins, and a lot of “untouristy” places are actually every bit as touristy as Malaga, except with lemon groves and aioli. (Middle Class Handbook’s blog)

I get prejudged a lot for being posh. People assume well-spoken means posh means wealthy, which then means smug or aloof. That’s just not true. (Rupert Penry-Jones, The Times, Sept 1 2012)

I’m often surprised at the amount of competitiveness involved, the obsession with class and money. I see snobbery, antisocial behaviour, one-upmanship. (A wedding photographer, Guardian Aug 4 2012)

There's a plain and simple teak monastery bench for £280. (Guardian review of Vintage Archive)

You have to think you are unique. (Grayson Perry on decor)

When you bring out the edited highlights, can we have an "atmosphere of decorum... leave out the unseemly bits such as lowbrow cavorting in parks and the like" (Complainer to BBC re Jubilee coverage)

I never look at bossy, mostly useless use-by dates. Eyes and nose are a much better guide. (@lickedspoon) Expiry dates: Look, it's mostly just common sense, isn't it? (@MiddleClassHB)

In principle, I don’t believe in "kids’ food". Children should, as soon as they can, take part in family meals, learn to sit still at the table, and take on grown-up textures and flavours. That’s the theory, anyway. (Joanna Weinberg, Cooking for Real Life. Here's the BBC on why children don't like sprouts.)

The real significance of supper, I think, is that it implies the user is familiar with an altogether grander style of meal held in stately halls, the formal dinner with copperplate invitations, waiters, silverware, port and speeches. (Grayson Perry, The Guardian, Aug 4 2012)

[They like] cooking, reading books about left-wing politics, and going to concerts/protests/poetry [readings]. Generally, this makes them very boring…”

When [they] reach the final year of their arts degree they are faced with a horrible realization: their degree is worthless.

[Middle class] women have a lot of fantasies about idealised lives. [They all] believe they deserve more than they have.

It is their dream “to be able to resolve all conflicts by complaining to unrelated parties”.

It is also a proven fact that dogs are often used…  to attract members of the opposite sex.

All from
Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander

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