Thursday 6 January 2011

Why Drive a 4X4?

Caroline Stow-Crat explains: In Chelsea and Fulham (moneyed parts of London), many residents drive 4X4s, to the annoyance of most other Londoners. So why drive a Chelsea tractor (4X4, ORV or off-road vehicle)?

1. You're high up above everybody else.
2. You can show off that you can afford one.
3. There's room for six children.
4. You can show off that you can afford to have six children.
5. Your children don't have to take the bus and mix with people who are a bit mixed.
6. It indicates that at weekends you all get into it and drive down to your country place where it's useful for travelling down muddy lanes and across fields. This is your /real/ life and you don't want to spend more time in a city than you have to.
7. If you don't have a country place, stay indoors with the curtains closed and spray the wheels with spray-on mud. (Though sadly the company that supplied it seems to have folded – you’ll have to collect your own from the back garden.)
8. When there are deep snowdrifts and roads are impassible to ordinary cars, you’ll be laughing.

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