Friday 1 July 2011

More Quotes About Class

As we left [the natural park created out of old railway land] I congratulated myself for not spending any money. But then I went and completely blew it by visiting the Lewes farmers' market. The excellent

The hall-mark of so-called “vulgar people” is unrestricted display of uncontrolled emotions. Emily Post

For this is an ineffably British tale [about Twitter and superinjunctions] that draws together several strands of national character into one inescapable cobweb of farcical confusion. Prurience, hypocrisy, low-level public cussedness towards authority and high-handed authority's disdain for the public all have their part to play. So – as far as the clash between the rights to privacy and free speech is concerned – does the failure to decide whether to be prissily private Europeans or let-it-all-hang-out Americans. Also present are British lethargy in adapting to the implications of new technology, and the gift for conflating the utterly banal into a sovereign point of principle. Where else would tweeting about a shagging sportsman be heralded as a show of mass civil disobedience worthy of Gandhi? Matthew Norman in the Independent on the superinjunction kerfuffle, May 25 2011

Of course, this sort of colour is also designed to indicate social class, which, although we British are far too squeamish to say so, still fascinates most of us.” Re the papers quoting murder victim Joanna Yeates parents’ house price, Sally Baker, Feeedback, Times Jan 8 2011

“Britons always get sniffy about other people getting filthy rich, whereas Americans like to see success rewarded.” David Prosser Independent Jan 2011

“A lady never admits her feet hurt.” Lorelei Lee, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Ottakar's were generally very astute at picking new sites for the bookshops, but they got it horribly wrong with Crawley. I was surprised, as a quick walk around the town centre would have confirmed that this wasn't bookshop territory - it was as if the middle classes had been ethnically cleansed.

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