Friday 18 March 2011

How to Talk Posh II

Try talking like this - be far too elaborate. (Some of this is taken from Andrew Barrow’s
The Great Book of Small Talk.) Continued from How to Talk Posh.

Oh, that's absolute nonsense on stilts. Christine Hamilton Obs Apr 23 00

A few uplifting articles on positive values art, gardening, stately homes, acts of heroism would not come amiss.

Before I start on this tome I have to own up that history is not my forte.

Can I inflict myself on you? (May I sit here?)

Can I squeeze past? (Excuse me.)

Can we just insert ourselves here? (May we sit down?)

Cannibalism, deviants and questionable royal scandal seem to be the news of the day.

Charlotte was going through her pink period.

Cleopatra actually did not indulge in high jinks with a snake of any description.

Here I come, laden with various foodstuffs.

I accepted with alacrity—in fact I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Of course we’re all bombarded with statistics these days.

Oh, lunch will feature. You can trust Alice for that.

I just took everything out of the fridge and threw it in an old icecream box. It could have been a complete disaster.

Is this an inopportune moment?

It decided to collapse at the psychological moment.

It's truer than you might think, I'm afraid.

I've just had the most hideous thought. AB

Sophia's in a bit of a state.

She really is an A1 sort of person.

She's a bright girl in a funny sort of way. AB

She's seriously holy.

She's unusually rubicund. AB

Shall we sally forth?

Shall we traverse one of these side streets, ya?

Shall we wander down and see if we can find something to eat?

The subject recrudesced later.

This surely smacked of something of a feat.

You may well ask!

Well, that was fortuitous!

You’re doing sterling work.

You’re in the nick of time!

More to come...

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